• Symbio: A mouldable material that combines the strong points of wood and plastic

    Although it has wood like qualities like good stiffness, machinable, good acoustics Symbio can still be used in typical plastic production methods like injection moulding and extrusion

    Frustrated about the

    poor technical properties of bioplastics available on the market today?

    Symbio combines high rigidity with low density and we are pushing the properties of our cellulose fibres further. Soon Symbio will compete with glass fibre reinforced thermoplastics.

    Do 'natural fibres' sound like inconsistent quality to you?

    80 years experience as a paper and pulp producer results in consistent industrial quality fibres all year long. In line with the environmental roadmap of the EU commission, we take our responsibility as a forestry business, to strive for a competitive low carbon economy.

    Making toys and looking for ways to bridge functionality and sustainability?

    Symbio is already partly biobased today and we are working on a 100% bio-based

    and durable alternative to either wooden or plastic parts in the toys industry.

    Ever (badly) experienced the high water absorption of fibreboard or WPC?

    We tailored Symbio such that it has low water absorbance compared to

    typical Wood Plastic Composites and MDF and HDF

  • A mouldable product that combines the strong points of wood and plastic

    What is Symbio today? >> High quality Cellulose fibre + Polypropylene 
    We are delivering sample material for customer trials as we speak

    Design freedom

    Symbio is developed primarily for injection moulding. The cellulose fibres are not visible and the product has a neutral off-white color and low odour

    Bio Based

    Symbio is partly bio-based and cellulose fibres are coming from sustainable and controlled sources, available as FSC and PEFC certified 




    Data Sheets


    Cellulose adds significant stiffness to the Polypropylene matrix while keeping density low







    Acoustic damping

    Stiffness, thick wall mouldability and good dampening properties make Symbio ideal for applications where good sound quality is important

  • Symbio - a corporate startup

    The core team functions as a startup within Sappi, supported by the big global corporate brother when needed. Although Symbio is still very young, we are developing fast.

    Jacob Hartstra

    New Business Development Manager

    Jacob has been a Chemical Development Engineer at a polyolefin producer before joining SAPPI's sustainability department. This combined experience guides him to lead the market development of Symbio.


    Sandra Hendrix

    Product Development Specialist

    Sandra is an R&D engineer at Sappi focusing on cellulose fibres for over
    20 years now. She ensures product development is according to market needs.



    Data Sheets

    Lucile Maletras

    Manufacturing Development Specialist

    Lucile is R&D engineer at Sappi focussing on the production of Symbio and ensuring Symbio meets our customer requirements





    Contact Us

    Arne Van Balen

    Lean Venture

    Arne makes sure Symbio's product development follows market validation instead of the other way around. Translating 'Lean Startup' principles to the B2B commodity industry of plastics.

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    Be in touch for more information on availability, co-development or anything else you are still having questions about. We will contact you asap.

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